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Arizona, Nevada, USA

Arizona National Parks, USA

Arizona National parks

Grand Canyon
Stand at the lip of the Grand Canyon on your Grand Canyon vacation and you’re standing on two-billion years of history—nearly half of Earth’s existence. Here, the sheer magnitude of nature’s power reigns supreme. You’ll watch the mighty Colorado River snake its way along the bottom, carving away at some of the earth’s oldest exposed rock as it’s done for over six-million years. You’ll be instantly humbled witnessing the sun rise and set over glowing cliffs, trekking six-thousand feet down the walls, and learning about the fascinating history and geology of the region.

It’s no surprise millions of visitors pass through Arizona every year to catch a glimpse of the canyon. We’ll help you experience the wow moments on your Grand Canyon vacation while dodging the crowds and following in the footsteps of the first explorers. Our naturalist guides will lead you down gorgeous trails suited to all levels of hikers, to the quietest vistas, and on exciting bike tours of the southern rim. Along the way you’ll unlock the millions of years of history preserved in the rocks and be in awe of even the tiniest plants and creatures.

For a truly special experience, we can arrange a helicopter flight over and into the Grand Canyon or a behind-the-scenes gallery visits. Plus, we know the sweet-spot when it comes to planning ahead for your Grand Canyon vacation and securing hard-to-get accommodations on the South and North Rim.

Sedona is the ultimate jumping-off point for any Southwest adventure. The sandstone buttes that frame this community create a stunning red rock backdrop, and contain hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails. At sunset the whole town glows as the evening light brings new vibrancy to their desert hues.

Sedona has become a center for art and its historic uptown area is the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon meandering through its many galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Those more inclined to adventure will find it in spades as the town’s central location make it the ideal starting point for further exploration of the canyons and forests of Arizona and beyond.


Meet your private guide for a world famous 4×4 Jeep adventure. Become awestruck as you travel on and over the red rock formations, taking in panoramic vistas of Sedona’s sandstone mesas and pinon pine forest. Hang on as your Jeep navigates the rocky trail, climbing to the top of a red rock lookout point and then descending the Road of No Return. And although you may not associate fly fishing with Sedona, our guides know all the right places along Oak Creek. At night, be thrilled by a private stargazing experience; you’re likely to see more stars than ever before as you learn about the heavens above.


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