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California Wine Country, USA

California Wine Country

World-class wines. Progressive craft distilleries. Farm-to-table dining. Boutique hideaways tucked into lush rolling hills. Yes, we’re talking about California’s Wine Country!

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are certainly the hot spots, and everything they’re cracked up to be. But don’t stop there. California’s Central Coast is rapidly becoming one of America’s most noteworthy wine and culinary hubs, with scenery and sophistication to boot. With such diversity and depth, we’re asked time and again how to know which chef’s tables, wine tastings, and scenic routes are worth a visit, and how to find the family-run vineyards—the sometimes-elusive Napa-Sonoma of yore. We’ll give you the low down and the connections. Based in the region, our Wine Country expert is perennially in-the-know. She’ll clue you in to the hush-hush gems locals want to keep a secret, and steer you straight to the unadvertised, private cooking sessions and vineyard picnics you can’t find in guidebooks. We’ve mastered California Wine Country vacations. We’ll have you soaring over vineyards and valleys in a hot-air balloon, savoring a private wine tasting lead by a renowned sommelier, or settling into a treatment at one of the most coveted spas in no time.

Napa Valley’s surprise victory over the French at the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 was not only a win for the region but for wine lovers everywhere, putting this serene and sleepy destination on the map. Fast forward forty years and the region continues to electrify with its blend of innovation and tradition, playing host to some of the most respected wineries in the world, as well as a flourishing culinary scene, vibrant art, architecture and culture, and welcoming accommodations, from the lavish to the intimate, that reflect the warmth of the Valley. Whatever your pleasure, your Napa Valley vacation has something exceptional awaiting you.

We delight in sharing the charms of a Napa Valley vacation: the quintessential experiences everyone dreams of, but few can access without an insider connection. We are your in! Think private hot-air balloon ascents, leisurely meals with local winemakers, and access to the top spas and buzziest estates.

Food and wine are the life force of the region; pampering and gorgeous landscape are the bonuses. We’ve uncovered the very best of them all. How does creating your own unique blend of wine sound? How about picnicking in a vineyard or dining in a wine cave? Or a cooking demonstration by a renowned chef at one of the region’s breakout restaurants? We can take you behind closed doors to meet world-famous artists and tour their studios. And, of course, there will be no shortage of farm-to-table bites, Michelin-starred meals paired with local vintages, behind the scenes tours and tasting rooms, and opportunities to explore the landscape—from old-growth Redwood forests to quiet valleys – via hot-air balloon, mountain bike or walking trail.   No matter the length of your Napa Valley vacation, before long we know you’ll love California Wine Country as much as we do!

If Napa Valley is the glamorous Grand Dame of California Wine Country, then Sonoma Valley is her more relaxed and active younger sibling. World-class wine is still the main draw, and what many don’t know is that Sonoma County is the birthplace of modern California winemaking. Sonoma County is twice the size of Napa Valley, and while wildly popular, many Sonoma Valley tasting rooms are often less crowded than their counterparts in Napa Valley. And the pace is often less hurried in Sonoma, inviting you to truly savor not only the wine, but the architecture, gardens, mountain vistas, ancient oak trees and more. With its varied terrain, soils and climate, Sonoma offers a diverse range of varietals, from the cool-weather varietals such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to heat-loving varietals such as Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Activities and experiences are equally varied, from cycling to hiking, beachcombing to farm-to-table dining, to poolside relaxation at celebrated accommodations. We can help make your Sonoma Valley vacation everything you want it to be.

While most travelers visit Sonoma Valley to taste the outstanding quality of Sonoma’s wines, there are many wonderful experiences to be had in the Valley. And we relish the opportunity to share the famed, as well as unexpected sides of Sonoma with our guests during their Sonoma Valley vacation.

The best way to experience Sonoma is to match its relaxed pace, taking your time to admire the landscape, to picnic, to visit the roadside farm stand, and to hike, bike or horseback ride along its many trails. We’ll set aside plenty of time for you to tour and taste the bounty of the Valley’s fertile soil – we have enjoyed discovering our favorite wineries and look forward to sharing them with you. Sonoma has established a reputation for other adult beverages as well, and we can help you explore its award-winning craft breweries and local distilleries. To explore the region’s storied past, why not try a guided hike from famed author Jack London’s ranch up to the top of Sonoma Mountain, or a visit to the Mission San Francisco Solano, the most Northern of California’s historic missions? Or for a change of pace, you can shop, dine and explore the historic sites of charming Sonoma Plaza. And when it’s time to dine, Sonoma shines, with delectable farm-to-table artisan cuisine.   No matter the length of your Sonoma Valley vacation, before long we know you’ll love California Wine Country as much as we do!

California’s Highway 1, as it winds and twists up the coast north of San Francisco, is one of the world’s truly great road trips. The dramatic cliffs and ocean vistas, the many charming towns, quaint inns and deluxe lodges, cafes, boutiques, trails and open spaces will inspire and excite. It’s no wonder so many artists call this region home. And so many travelers learn to delight in the region during their California North Coast vacation.
Just south of the California-Oregon border is a forest of staggering proportions, featuring Sequoia Sempervirens, trees that soar 30 stories high, taller than the Statue of Liberty. These are Earth’s tallest living things. Near the Pacific Ocean with a constant and moist climate, these mighty trees grow in dense groves in a fog belt along the coast. The preserves are remnants of what once was a massive forest that covered over 2 million acres… before the advent of large scale logging. The State of California and the Save the Redwoods League acquired hundreds of groves and three of California’s redwood state parks were encompassed in Redwood National Park when it was created in 1968.

In the company of our expert naturalists, you’ll enjoy an interpretive tour into the ancient old-growth redwood forest and beyond. Your tour is likely to include the world-famous Lady Bird Johnson Grove, the Tall Trees Grove, and the Prairie Creek Redwoods. Besides experiencing the enormity of these beautiful specimens, you’ll learn of the many fascinating ways they are able to thrive here.

Along the north coast, we’ll help you to explore for wildlife, such as the California gray whale, harbor seals, Bald Eagles, otters and more. And while you’re at it, why not indulge in some beach combing and tide-pooling during your California North Coast vacation? Or, for something truly spectacular, let our guides take you on a sunset to dark sea kayaking excursion on a river where phosphorescent algae lights up like fireflies during the summer months. And of course, we also ‘reveal’ the very best spas, restaurants, cafes and California wines along the way.

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