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Egypt, Africa

Egypt Luxury Travel

Egypt is one of the most storied places on earth. Pharaohs mummified in jewel-encrusted tombs beneath mystifying pyramids standing in the middle of the desert have fascinated amateur archaeologists for hundreds of years.

But today’s Egypt is much more than its ancient past. The modern city of Cairo boasts a wealth of museums, cultural events, restaurants, and limitless shopping. The city of Aswan features the architectural marvel of High Dam, great quarries and ancient temples.


Every visitor to Egypt must experience the unequaled majesty of the Pyramids, which have stood where they are for nearly 5 millennia. But do not miss the opportunity to see the treasures that lie beyond, in greater Egypt. Travel down the Nile on a luxurious River Cruise to Luxor, the world’s greatest open-air museum, snorkel in the Red Sea, view the treasure trove that is the Valley of the Kings, shop in the 600-year-old maze-like bazaar Khan El Khalili, or explore the oases of the Western Desert.

At Abu Simbel two massive stone temples seem to rise out of the desert in tribute to the great Pharaoh Ramses II and the Egyptian god Hathor. Today these wonders of ancient engineering make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the “Nubian Monuments.”

There is no end to what you can see and do in Egypt. Its mysterious and fascinating past will enchant you and leave you vowing to return. Make Egypt your destination and see why so many have fallen in love with this magical place.


Luxury Travel In Egypt
A desert nation veiled in millenia of cultural mystery and architectural enigmas, Egypt summons images of towering pyramids, riddling sphinxes, and archaeological adventures reserved for the likes of Indiana Jones. We’ll hold off on the snakes, and serve you up some luxury travel in Egypt that tours the country’s unique traditions, marvelous structures, and acute juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary society. Our Travel Consultants have toured Egypt throughout the decades and know firsthand that now, more than ever before, is the time to visit. Explore the world’s most iconic sites and bring your childrens’ studies to life–without any crowds at all.


Luxury Travel In Egypt
1Papaya’s Egypt tours provide in-depth exploration of one of the world’s greatest empires with visits to pyramids, statues, temples, mosques, and of course, the Nile. Float along the lifeblood of Egypt and watch as five thousand years of Egyptian culture pass by. With 1Papaya’s exclusive access, luxury travel in Egypt brings travelers behind the scenes of grounds normally closed to the public, like private visits to Nefertari’s Tomb. See the famous archeological sites, wander the temples, or browse through the overwhelming assortment of crafts and goods that flood the vibrant bazaars. In an ancient land long revered as a the center of culture and luxury, travel in Egypt should focus on nothing less.


Egypt Tours
Experience private luxury travel to Egypt that tours you full-circle, from the glories of the ancient world, the Christian and Jewish history, to the Islamic legacy that pulses today. A mirage in the Sahara, Egypt is unlike any other place in the world, and the impact of the nation’s powerful history still resonates worldwide. Luxury travel in Egypt provides an amazing experience beyond words. This country is a must-see, and 1Papaya’s Egypt private luxury tours give you an all-access pass to this ethereal zenith of world heritage.


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