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Luxury Travel In Israel

Israel Luxury Travel

For millennia, explorers and pilgrims alike have flocked to this enchanting and embattled land in pursuit of adventure, opportunity, and religious fulfillment. The inhabitants of this oasis have left their mark, practicing ancient customs and daily rituals that serve as a testament to their resilience and devotion, making luxury travel in Israel a truly remarkable experience.

Whether you wish to scuba dive in the Red Sea or visit the actual site where the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, our team of Travel Consultants will design a customized Israel vacation you will never forget. These ancient lands, which have captivated pilgrims and travelers for centuries, will exceed even the most discerning traveler’s expectations.


Luxury Travel In Israel
On your private tour of Israel, walk down the streets of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Here an Israel tour will bring you face-to-face with some of the most sacred religious sites in the world in its Old City, including the Western (Wailing) Wall, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Venture outside of Jerusalem during your luxury travel in Israel, and you will be further enchanted by its historic and geographic wonders. Witness the natural beauty of Israel on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and observe daily life in the the heart of Kibbutz country. Many stories in Christianity unfolded in the hills of Israel’s northern coast, and in addition to the culture and history, the region is packed with other reasons to go, like the beautiful walking trails and nearby beaches.


Israel Tours
During your Israel private luxury travel tour, make sure that you stop in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, where you can dine on traditional Israeli fare (make sure to try the hummus), and check out the city’s pulsating nightlife. The music scene alone is reason to go – the orchestras and jazz musicians will impress and provide the perfect setting for a night on the town. Shoppers will also want to hone their bargaining skills in the underbelly of the Carmel market, where everything from kebabs to kitsch await!

1Papaya’s team of Travel Consultants have vetted our tours to Israel and will help you design a wonderful journey customized to suit your interests. We provide our travelers the peace of mind that every single one of your safety concerns has been addressed, leaving you to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery, rich traditions, and vibrant culture that will make your luxury vacation in Israel an unforgettable experience.

Highlighted Experiences

  • Soak in the Dead Sea to experience the healing, beautifying and rejuvenating powers of its waters. We also recommend luxuriating with a Dead Sea spa treatment during your Israel vacation.
  • Choose to focus on Jewish, Christian or Islamic heritage, or take a multi-denominational approach during your luxury Israel vacation.
  • During your luxury Israel vacation lounge on the beaches of Eilat, a vibrant resort city on the Red Sea.
  • Board a camel for a ride to the captivating ruins of Kurbub.

Great Places to Visit

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a city of 450,000 people that – like Los Angeles – is actually the center of a giant conurbation that interweaves a dozen cities into a sprawling metropolis of more than 4 million Israelis. If Jerusalem is Israel’s “Washington” or Ottawa or Canberra, Tel Aviv is Israel’s New York, Toronto or Sydney – the nation’s center for business, entertainment and the arts. It is also one of the world’s few cities that is also a major Mediterranean beach resort, with 9 miles of beaches, and a 14-mile long promenade lined with beach chairs, umbrellas, lifeguard towers, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants.

Founded in 1909, Tel Aviv was originally intended as a garden suburb of the ancient port city of Jaffa, 4,000 years old, and traditionally named one of Noah’s sons, Japeth. The first Tel Avivians drew lots in the sand to lay out homes and plots for what would become the first Hebrew-speaking city in 2,000 years. Within 25 years Tel Aviv was a bustling metropolis whose signature architecture was white stucco buildings on stilts – many designed by German Jewish architects fleeing the Nazis. Tel Aviv is now home to more Bauhaus architecture than any city on earth and the “White City” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Like New York, Tel Aviv is a 24-hour city, whose restaurants are some of the world’s most inventive, and whose night-life is among the world’s hottest. Tel Aviv oozes an iconic style, brashness and chic that is displayed in crafts markets, chic boutiques, striking architecture, open air cafes, and a non-stop pulse. Art, dance, music, theatre and opera are everywhere, bicycles are everywhere, both the Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports have been transformed into major entertainment, dining and shopping precincts and Tel Aviv is on the cusp of becoming the world’s first major city that is a complete wi-fi zone. Tel Aviv, like Sydney, is all about the future, yet it is a future that boasts gentrified 100-year-old neighborhoods, restored residential quarters and a host of hotels, from the world’s brand names to dozens of innovative boutique hotels.


Jerusalem is The Capital of Israel and By Far One of The Most Famous and Fascinating Cities in the World, Where Thousands of Years of Glorious History Seamlessly Intertwine with Modern Day Life.

Discover the overwhelming power of this 3,000 year old city – its innumerable historic sites and archaeological wonders, its magical walkways and magnificent views which are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. At the same time, the city’s strikingly modern attractions promise around the clock excitement and pleasure for all lovers of culture, arts, music, and culinary delights.

Walk through 3000 years of history

The Old City of Jerusalem is a favourite for all visitors from first timers, seasoned visitors as well as the locals. Surrounded by an ancient wall that has been rebuilt throughout history, there are 7 gates allowing access to historical and holy sites here. Make your way down the stone cobbled streets and find yourself walking through four thousand years of history, leaving you humbled and yet excited as you connect the modern day present with the simple beginnings of the past.

Meet the modern vibrant Jerusalem

Step outside of the Old City and find everything that a typical modern city offers including hotels, promenades, restaurants and shopping malls. Visit museums, like the Israel Museum which is the largest cultural institution in Israel and ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums housing the infamous Dead Sea Scrolls (oldest biblical manuscripts) among other treasures. Local farms, wineries and breweries are set up around Jerusalem offering a variety of options to foodies ranging from the traditional Israeli cuisine to the contemporary and fusion fare paired with delicious award-winning wines and beers attracting enthusiast from all over the world.

Visit Mahane Yehuda, a colourful and vibrant outdoor market with an attractive vibe filled with culture and delicious aromas of the delicacies sold here. Wait till sundown and see this ‘shuk’ transform into a trendy hangout with live music to suit every mood accompanied with energetic people, a growing ‘street-art’ gallery exceptional food and delightful drinks. Mahane Yehuda offers a special experience so walk down the streets, stop by a food joint, dance a little while enjoying a drink and make your way to the next spot.

Drenched in art, history, culture and diversity the capital city of Israel loves to have a good time while allowing one to experience the contrast between old world historical charm and modern city living. As you drive in to Jerusalem you can’t help but connect with the culture, archaeology and history of the many nations who have walked through here, where old meets new beyond the walls of the Old City in this unique world capital.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, officially The Lowest Place On Earth (428m Below Sea Level) And A Shortlist Candidate For The World’s 7 Natural Wonders, Is An Enthralling And Evocative Combination Of Natural Splendor, Compelling Ancient History And Modern Luxuries.

From the healing powers of the Dead Sea’s cobalt blue waters, through the awesome beauty of the surrounding landscape to the myriad of fascinating sights this area has to offer, the Dead Sea is a place of tranquility, health and inspiration for body and soul alike.

Float on the waters, take a mud bath or go exploring – with 330 sunny days a year, the Dead Sea area is filled with superb attractions including natural healing spas, magnificent hiking trails, gourmet and fast food restaurants and adrenaline-charged attractions. Along the main part of the 75 kilometer stretch dotted with beautiful beaches, you will also find world class hotels and spa facilities to guarantee a truly indulgent experience.

The Magical Beaches of the Dead Sea

The beaches of the Dead Sea are like nothing else the world has to offer. There are many kilometers of beautifully developed and well-maintained spots where you can soak up the sun while on your dream vacation. Choose your spot on the rocky sand and take in the breathtaking scenery with the incredible mountain ranges surrounding the sea. The warm waters of the Dead Sea are always calm and offer superior relaxation from the minute you get in.

On the southern shores at the lowest point on earth, you will find an array of hotels where you can enjoy a magical sunrise over the lake, leaving an array of colors on the small ponds with the salt formations scattered throughout. To complete the experience of being at the Dead Sea, take some of the silky dark mud and lather it on allowing your skin to absorb the helpful minerals. Dead Sea mud has been proven beneficial to the skin and body. You will feel refreshed with skin that looks and feels younger. Give yourself the pampering that you deserve and get dirty with the Dead Sea mud – it’s healthy!

Discover the desert area around the Dead Sea

There is more to do than just relaxing in the spas and floating in the Dead Sea. If you are travelling south from Jerusalem, complement your desert experience by stopping at kibbutz Ein Gedi, a natural oasis on the slopes of the Judean desert, and take a hike through a nature reserve where you will see wildlife like the ibex (a kind of mountain goat) and enjoy the waterfalls and pools cascading on the rock formation. Ein Gedi also offers hotel accommodations and spas which houses hot sulphur pools and have different types of healing and therapeutic massages too. Continue south from here to Masada, a national landmark with a strong historical connection, located at the top of a massive mountain that the adventure seeker can hike, or it can be reached comfortably by cable car.


Eilat is a port that is Israel’s outlet to India, eastern Asia and Africa. Six decades ago it was a shanty-style frontier town, but Eilat has developed into one of Israel’s major resorts whose Red Sea beaches and dozens of hotels attract Israelis and tourists from 100 countries. Eilat is devoted to vacationing. Resorts line the promenade and lagoon, along with a giant shopping mall, restaurants and a variety of attractions for visitors young and old. Eilat is also an entree to one of the world’s most magnificent coral reefs: the Eilat Underwater Observatory is a must for every visitor, as is the dolphin reef where tourists swim with the dolphins.

Eilat is a 4/5-hour drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – or a one-hour flight into Eilat Airport which sits in the heart of town. A 15-minute drive south from Eilat brings visitors to the crossing point to Egypt. And 10-minutes to the north, tourists cross to Jordan and the neighboring port city of Aqaba. Many visitors to Eilat take day trips to Petra in Jordan.

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