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Madagascar, Africa

Madagascar Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel In Madagascar
Towering baobab trees, adorable lemurs, flying foxes, and superb scuba diving are just a handful of reasons why travel in Madagascar tops every child’s, environmentalist’s and naturalist’s wish list. Whether you’re seeking a adventurous trip in Madagascar to fulfill a lifelong dream or a wild honeymoon, 1Papaya’s team of Travel Consultants will design a tour of Madagascar customized to suit your energy level and interests.


Adventure Travel In Madagascar
Madagascar is one of the world’s greatest ecological treasures. Since it broke off from the African continent over 165 million years ago, the fourth largest island in the world has evolved its own unique flora and fauna, boasting an astounding 150,000 endemic species. A whopping ninety percent of Madagascar’s plants and animals are found there and nowhere else on earth! 1Papaya’s Madagascar tours take you face to face with the vibrant wildlife of the island and invite you to explore the rainforests of the east, deserts of the west, and exotic tropical islands that surround the northern coast. Whether you wish to explore the unique plants of the south’s Spiny Forest or search for Madagascar’s most famous residents, lemurs, in the cloud forests of Ranomafana National Park, each ecosystem offers something unique to uncover.

Madagascar Tours
Spend your Madagascar vacation in amazement, probing the mysteries of the island’s national parks and reserves that shelter over 50 species of lemurs and sifakas, and a migratory population of dolphins and humpback whales along the coast. While traveling in Madagascar you will also appreciate the beautiful European-influenced architecture and buzzing outdoor markets, the perfect spot to find a keepsake to bring home!


Travel in Madagascar is always a magical experience and encompasses more than the country’s overwhelming beauty and charm. 1papaya’s custom designed Madagascar tours also allow visitors to experience the unique Malagasy culture that infuses this isolated island. Madagascar is a place unlike any other you’ve seen before, so talk to a 1Papaya specialist and learn about all the possibilities for your Madagascar adventure.

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