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Mozambique, Africa

Mozambique Destination Guide

Many travelers head to Mozambique’s pristine shores to cap off a safari and we agree — we can’t think of a better place to relax. Recovering after years of civil war and isolation, Mozambique has resurfaced as a hub of astonishing natural beauty. Lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, luxury travel in Mozambique epitomizes barefoot indulgence with its pristine coastlines, world-renowned scuba diving, and gorgeous white sand islands.


Luxury Travel In Mozambique
When you need a break from soaking up the sun, head for Mozambique’s underwater playground — a diver’s dream. Neptune’s Arm is one spot in particular that puts Mozambique vacations high on many wish lists. The reef landscape is stunning, from dramatic drop-offs to underground valleys and mountains, as are the coral reefs and brilliant fish that decorate them. Snorkeling is fantastic too — we wouldn’t miss snorkeling with the year-round population of wild manta rays and whale sharks on the reefs off Tofo Bay. You can also choose to deep sea fish Mozambique’s waters, and dine on your surf-fresh supper later in the evening!


The capital of Maputo for instance, with Mediterranean-style architecture and colorful sidewalk cafes is one of Africa’s most attractive cities, and is a great stop on any luxury Mozambique vacation. It is also safe to say that no cultural Mozambique tour can be complete without a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilha de Mozambique, known for a magical mix of colonial Portuguese and old Swahili architecture. Beyond civilization, embrace the wilderness of Mozambique on tours of the country’s natural treasures. Gorongosa National park offers an offbeat safari experience, while Tofo Bay and the Barra peninsula in the south provide superb diving journeys and family holidays.

Mozambique tours
Private luxury travel to Mozambique has never been more accessible or customizable, and the undeveloped beaches of the country’s Bazaruto Archipelago make for an exclusive retreat that is near impossible to find elsewhere. 1Papaya is the best source for luxury travel in Mozambique. We have a longstanding presence in southern Africa, and our Mozambique private luxury tours are perfect option for families, honeymooners, and anyone in search of inspiration and solace.


Highlighted Experiences
Don’t miss snorkeling with the year-round population of wild manta rays and whale sharks on the reefs off Tofo Bay.

Spend time exploring the markets, cafés, and restaurants of the port-capital of Maputo, where the fresh spices and seafood are famous.
Walk the past the colonial mansions and down the cobblestoned streets of Mozambique Island, stopping to visit the Palace and Chapel of São Paulo.
Add on a stay at Benguerra Island, known for its high sand dunes, inland lakes, and expansive beaches.


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