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Patagonia Argentina

Experience Patagonia Argentina

Patagonia. Land of solitude, immensity and revelation. Few places around the world offer the opportunity to encounter such a unique variety of experiences in one vacation.

Patagonia sits on the southernmost region of Latin America expanding over much of Chile and Argentina. This territory comprises of over 400,000 sq. miles of diverse terrain starting at the south of the Colorado River and ending at Cabo De Hornos in Tierra Del Fuego, otherwise known as the ‘end-of-the-world’. The Andes Mountains serves as a natural, as well as, breathtaking border between Chile and Argentina.

Panoramas change drastically from North to South and East to West. In the North, vineyards speckle the landscape while in the South, strong Antarctic winds blow trees sideways. In the East, whales and penguins play in the Atlantic Ocean while in the West, miles of glaciers crackle into nutrient-enriched lakes.

Because of its rich landscape, Patagonia is host to some of South America’s most diverse animal and plant life; leading numerous researchers and scientists, like Charles Darwin, to study the region. Home to hundreds of species of birds, as well as a wide array of sea and land mammals, Patagonia’s wildlife attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Is Patagonia better in Chile or Argentina?
The Argentina region is larger than Chilean Patagonia, meaning if budget and time can allow there is more places to visit and more to see and do.  The best glaciers are in Argentina, in particular Perito Moreno and the Glacier National Park near the town of El Calafate.


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