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Port Antonio, Jamaica

Jamaica – Port Antonio Luxury Travel

Picture perfect, Port Antonio is a panorama of nature’s finest work. It is a place of palms and pimento and an abundance of orchids found nowhere else on earth. Ferns and bananas grow by the roadside with bamboo trees. Port Antonio is the home of butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s where the graciousness of another era is set against the lush verdant beauty of nature.

Port Antonio was a thriving banana shipping port about a century ago. Today, the main street, with royal palms standing like sentinels, is the center of activity for this quaint seaside town. Stop at the Musgrave Market and barter for craft items. Shops and stores are all over town, including the European-styled shopping village of St. George.

Even the accommodations in Port Antonio are special. They are all low-rise, mostly villa type facilities tucked amidst the deep green of Jamaica’s most lush foliage.

Port Antonio harkens back to a quiet, more romantic time in a special place filled with unforgettable beauty and charm.

Port Antonio was said o be Errol Flynn’s great love. The swashbuckling Hollywood superstar of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s established a home here, entertaining family and close friends. Here you can explore the majestic Blue Mountains and swim or dive the calm Blue Lagoon. Raft down the swirling Rio Grande or visit the magnificently forested Somerset Falls. Drive by Folly, the haunting turn-of-the-century mansion overlooking the sea. Discover the special allure of Nonsuch Caves and Athenry Gardens. And be sure to sample our world famous jerk chicken or jerk pork in its original home.

Flynn said Port Antonio was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. Others say it is simply enchanting. Port Antonio remains with you forever.

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