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The United States of America


Northeast USA

Luxury travel in the Northeast can include so many surprising journeys. Its diverse landscape includes picture-perfect pastures, jagged coastlines, impressive mountain ranges, farm-to-table eats, and superb places to stay—the only obstacle is figuring out where you want to go first. For city dwellers who are seeking an easy getaway, a luxury retreat in the Northeast can be just a two-hour drive away.

Just two hours from Manhattan there is a world where horses graze on idyllic farmlands, charming antique stores line small-town main streets, ice cream stands and farmers markets are a dime a dozen, and the term leaf-peeping was probably coined here based on the fall season’s kaleidoscope of colors in the trees. The quiet pristine setting of the Hudson Valley is the perfect backdrop for an easy weekend away. We love how it makes us feel like we’re worlds away from home, but it’s almost too easy to get to.

Western United States

Luxury Travel in the Wild West
Vast and remarkably diverse, luxury travel in the American West is packed with natural and cultural wonders. You can unwind among Wyoming’s majestic mountaintops or wildflower carpeted valleys, get spellbound by Utah’s starkly beautiful desert country, or embrace your wild side in grizzly country in North America’s iconic national parks. The American West truly has a setting for every mood. We invite you to experience them all on a private luxury American getaway.

Our short-haul adventures in the American west are some of our most thrilling and relaxing vacations closer to home. We can transport you to the serenity of the west’s commanding cliffs and towering emerald green forests; invite you to witness Native American traditions and cultures or observe cowboys in action; or provide endless opportunities to spike up your adrenaline with adventure activities like skiing, trekking, horseback riding, and even authentic American safaris. Whether you’re embarking on a honeymoon, a family journey, or a solo adventure, the American West has a trip for you.

The raw landscapes of the American West are truly some of the world’s most breathtaking, and our team of Travel Consultants can recommend the best ways to take them in. Embark on a guided expedition to witness grizzlies, black bears, wolves, and pronghorn antelope go about their days in the remote wilderness; venture out on the Snake River to fly fish its trout-packed waters, or just float down so you can pay attention for mountain bluebirds and bald eagles. Practice yoga at sunrise and add in a Native American beauty blessing, or choose to head out to icons like Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, or float down the Colorado River.

Fly fishing along the river bends will make you relaxed and focused, as will hiking along the violet cliff sides of Utah’s untouched valleys and lofty buttes. For travelers with an appreciation for the natural world, we recommend getting off-the-beaten-path and exploring the natural beauty of the American West’s lesser-known corners. We have woken up at sunrise to see the mists lift up over the valleys, and we have watched the sun set over glittering snow-dusted mountains from one of the world’s most luxurious infinity pools. You can’t help but sigh in appreciation of the utter beauty of the region.

Our getaways in the Wild West were handpicked based on experiences that truly embrace this spectacular region and what makes it so special. If you’re interested in a luxury ranch resort, a high-end ski vacation, a rustic adventure or a peaceful retreat tucked far far away from the hustle and bustle of city life as you know it our American West getaways have exactly what you’re looking for.

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