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Sunswept Resorts


Sunswept Resorts

Sunswept Resorts

Rendezvous & The Body Holiday at Le Sport

Nestled on the beautiful island of St. Lucia are Sunswept Resorts, offering lasting and personalized vacation experiences for couples seeking a secluded getaway or the very best of health and wellbeing. Their amenities are well-packaged within their Rendezvous and The BodyHoliday resorts, which are determined to revitalize the spirit through nutritious meals, spa and beauty treatments, as well as invigorating activities. Its headquarters are located in Cariblue Beach, Castries, St. Lucia, which allows Sunswept to keep one eye on the top-notch services offered and the other on the fascinating island of St. Lucia.

Sunswept Resorts consist of:


Rendezvous, The Boutique Hotel for Couples only
At Rendezvous we never assume that when you come to stay you will want to do loads nor do we impose activities on you, but we do offer you an amazing choice of activities from tennis to golf from archery to volleyball. We have state of the art water-sports, a First Class PADI Scuba Centre, two pools, a Jacuzzi and for when you are exhausted, there are really comfortable sun loungers for you to sink into and snooze away a few hours or curl up with a good book.


The Body Holiday at le Sport
At the BodyHoliday, we make you a promise, “Give us your body for a week and we will give you back your mind”. The BodyHoliday is more than just a beautiful beach and amazing facilities. For most of our guests life can be challenging, stressful and frenetic. So your holiday should be rejuvenating; it should be about getting their energy levels back, ready to face life once again. You come to us to recharge, both mentally and physically.

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