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Elewana Lodo Springs Loisaba


Located within the 57,000 acre Loisaba Conservancy, on a vital Elephant Corridor, Elewana Lodo Springs offers all of the magic of a true yester-year Kenya safari experience. Ultra-private and ultra-luxurious, with just eight individual, spacious tented rooms, serviced by their own Guest Ambassador, dedicated safari vehicle and expert field guide, it’s easy to feel like you have all the wonder of the magical landscape to yourself.

Recognizing the value of time well spent with family and friends, the Elewana Collection introduces discerning travelers to East Africa through impeccably designed lodges that invite true relaxation, as well as the thrill of a real adventure. Complementing their locations in prime game-viewing areas, on quiet white-sand beaches or even in a coffee plantation, are lavish comforts, including fresh cotton sheets, elegant rooms, and gourmet meals. Family-friendly, individually styled and exuding warm and personalized hospitality, the lodges are a savvy blend of high-class safari and low-impact tourism. Guests are encouraged to become part of the local community and conservation projects, thereby returning home with a piece of East Africa instilled in their hearts forever.


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